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Children when hit the one-year mark, their body required physical, mental and emotional stimulation. Children aged 12-18 months should be involved in fun and playful activities that would help them convert their mighty and endless energy into something more fruitful. There are plenty of activities that help little children focus on personal development and growth. From interesting outdoor activities to indoor activities, there are countless exercises that will propel the little ones one step forward to becoming active, adventurous and to become strong and resilient young minds.

Some of these fun activities for children are as follows -

Animal charades

Children love visual and dramatic things. Animals' charades are a great chance for parents to involve the kids in something fun and exciting. This will help cultivate many emotions like happiness, sadness, surprise and much more into children.

Frozen popsicles

Children love cool, colorful refreshing popsicles. Picking up some of the kids' favorite fruits and turning them into delicious popsicles would be a treat to the kids.

Treasure hunt games

This is an amazing way to help the kids to use their logic and reasoning to find the hidden items. Collect the kids' toys and hide them for them to find. This will develop intelligence and learning skills in children, and it is fun too.

Host movie parties

Hosting movie parties is another fun exercise to have for children. Inviting the kids' friends over for a movie party will create a feeling of friendship and socializing in children from early on. One can include snacks, drinks, and kid-friendly edibles to make things interesting.

Make handcrafts with children

Making handicrafts using recycle items with kids is another way to teach them how to create things.

This will help cultivate artistic and creative skills in children, at the same time, it is exciting and interesting.