Session 2017-18
Senior Wing Teachers
S. No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Hobbies
1 MANITA SINGH PGT M.A., B.ED Travelling, Photography, Reading
2 VEENA PGT M.SC.(MATHEMATICS), B.ED Teaching, Travelling and Shopping
3 KEYA DEY PGT M. SC (PHYSICS), B.ED Painting & Travelling
4 SHALINEE AGARWAL PGT M.SC, B.ED Reading books, Meeting learned people.
5 RENU KAMBHOJ PGT M.SC, B.ED, CTET, HTET Listening to music ,Reading books
6 ARCHNA SUNDRIYAL PGT M.A.(POL. SC), B. ED. Exploring new places, Singing
Travelling, Singing, and Listening to good music
8 MS SARLA DEVI PGT B.P.ED., M.P.ED. Reading Newspaper, books related to sports and Yoga. Watching news channels and sports channel.
9 POOJA YADAV PGT  M.COM, B. ED Travelling & Cooking.
10 DILBAG SINGH PGT  B.SC., MCA, B.ED. Solving Number Puzzles, Listening to NEWS, Acquiring Knowledge about latest in computer world, Jogging.
11 RITA YASHPAL TGT B.A. Travelling, Watching historical documentries and travel programmes, Reading books by Indian authors
12 KAVITA PAURIYAL TGT M.A., M.SC., B.ED. Reading, Travelling, Listening to music, Being alone with nature
13 ARCHA SHARMA TGT M.A., M.SC, B.ED Odissi Classical Dance
14 SAROJ MEHRA TGT M. A. B. ED Cooking and Listening to soft music
15 SUMAN DUREJA TGT M. A. M. ED Reading books, listening to music
16 RUBBY SHARMA TGT M.A., B.ED. Reading Books, Playing Indoor Games, Listening Music
17 SHUBHRA SHARMA TGT B.SC, B.ED Listening music,dancing and reading magazines.
18 PREM LATA TGT BCA, MCA Explore knowledge about computer Science, Net Surfing.
19 MONA TYAGI TGT B.A., M.F.A. Listening to music, Painting
20 NILESH TIWARI TGT B.A.(HONS) MUSIC, M.A.(MUSIC), DIPLOMA IN LIGHT MUSIC, DIPLOMA IN VOCAL MUSIC. Listening to music, composing music, reading books, playing cricket.
21 DEEPSHIKHA GROVER TGT  B.SC., M.SC., B.ED; Music , Dance , Cooking , Meditation and Face Reading
22 BHAWNA TIWARI LIBRARIAN B.COM., M.COM.,  C. LIB., B.LIB.; Playing Bedminton , Reading,Watching Cricket
23 SHEFALI ARORA PRT M.A., B.ED. Reading Novels,Current Affair Magazines and Research papers related to communication.
24 NEELA GHATUARY PRT B.SC., B.ED Listening to music, Reading works of famous authors, Watching classic movies
25 RENU KATHURIA PRT M.A., B.ED Reading books, painting & listening to music
26 SHALINI KATHURIA PRT B.A. B. ED listening to music and singing
27 SUMAN ATRI PRT M. A. (ENGLISH) M. ED Reading books , Listening to music.
28 NEELIMA JOSHI PRT B.SC.(ELECTRONICS HONS), CTET, HTET, REET, B.ED reading, travelling, dancing, painting
29 MEGHA SHARMA PRT B.SC., PGDESA, DOEACC A LEVEL Internet surfing, General studies, Listening to Music, Interior designing
30 NITU SINGH PRT B.COM(HONS), B.ED, CTET I have a couple of hobbies like-reading books, listening to music and exploring new places.
31 SWATI KHARE PRT B.E.(MECH), B.ED Reading books, cooking, Travelling , Gardening ,Painting
32 LATA KHERA PRT M.A.(ECO), B.ED, CTET Singing and badminton
33 SARITA DHIMAN PRT BCA, DIPLOMA IN COM. APP Learning new concepts related to my subject, Art & Craft.
34 VIVEK CHAUDHARY PRT M. A. PHY. EDU.  Playing Sports and Watching T.V.
35 LALITA KUNDU PRT M.A. Learning dance,  performance, teaching, choreography also interested in teaching all type of dances
36 PALLAVI VERMA PRT B.SC.(MATHS), M.A.(ECO), B.ED., PGDCA. Teaching, Yoga, Music and Dance
37 IRMIN ARORA PRT  M.A., B.ED Listening to music, Reading novels (fiction), cooking, travelling.
38 SUMITRA JAIN PRT  B.TECH, B.ED Teaching, cooking and browsing on Internet
Montessori Wing Teachers
S. No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Hobbies
1 MOUSUMI DUTTA             Montessori In-Charge B.Com; Diploma in Montessori Education & TTC, Music (Sangeeta visharad), Dance (Bharatnatyam); Listening to music, Travelling, Net surfing
2 SUMITA ANAND                  Montessori Teacher B.A.; Diploma in Early Childhood Care Education, Dress Designing; Cooking, Listening to music, Reading
3 DAIZY VERMA  PRT - Hindi B.A (Hindi), B.Ed. Music, Dance and writing Hindi Poems
4 SARITA RANA PRT M.A.(English), B.Ed Listening old music and visiting new places
5 SAGARIKA SENGUPTA PRT B.Sc.; PPTT Listening to music,interacting with people
6 JYOTI SHARMA Montessori teacher  M.Sc. (Psychology); Diploma in Montessori teaching, Pursuing M.Sc.(Counselling and Family Therapy) Music like ghazals & devotional, and reading books on spirituality
7 VICKY RAINA Montessori teacher  Diploma in Electronics, Computers Application, Montessori Teachers Training; Reading and listening to music.
8 SONU ANSARI Dance Teacher Diploma in kathak, Western Dance(Shaimak Dawar), Dance(Ashley Lobo); Dancing, Singing, Playing Cricket
9 NILANJANA CHATTERJEE Montessori teacher  M. A.(History), Diploma in NTT. Try to experience new things in life (may be int teaching /traveling or cooking  )
10 RACHNA MALOTHRA PRT B.Com(Hons), M.Com, B.Ed., CTET Reading books and travelling to different places
11 RATNA GHOSH Art & Craft teacher M.A.(N.T.T) Painting
12 ARTI AGGARWAL Montessori Teacher   B.A., NTT, Diploma in Montessori Training. Travelling & listening to music
13 MINAKSHI TICKOO Montessori Teacher   M.Sc.(Botany), M.A.(Mass Communication), Diploma in Montessori   Education Reading, Netsurfing, Listening to good Music 
14 PUJA MUKHERJEE Montessori Teacher   B.A., Diploma in Early Childhood Course travelling and spending time with kids
15 DIMPLE ZUTSHI Montessori Teacher   B.Com, Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training. Reading , listening to good music 
16 KANIKA AHUJA  PRT B.A., M.A., NTT, B.Ed. Listening music, reading books and travelling.
18 ROHINI TANDON Assistant Montessori Teacher BA, Diploma in E.C.E., Advanced Diploma in Computer Application. Reading , Music & Interacting with People
19 KHUSHBOO MAJUMDAR Assistant Montessori Teacher B.A.(Eco Hons), M.A. (Englist Lit), Diploma in Montessori Method Primary Cooking & Reading
20 SONIKA KOHLI PRT BCA, PGDCA, M.Sc. (CS) Dancing & Travelling