AMPS Parent

As a very old phrase goes “Change is inevitable...” For sure it is, but if the change is manmade, we need to measure in-depth about its consequences. A change in school is usually a parental choice.  It’s unavoidable in circumstances like transfer cases or exceptional cases. But my major concern is about the people hunting for a “brand school” or a much “preferred school”, which parents probably believe would help their child to crack competitive exams or college recruitment etc. Sometimes, I wonder we are caught in a rat race wherein this preferred school acts like a visa for a green card. As parents we all are highly concerned about our children but somewhere in this process we forget that, for a school, every child is precious (and I mean all – let it be hundreds or thousands).

Even I, being a very concerned parent changed my child’s school after he passed out X from AMPS scoring a 10 CGPA. I wanted my child to develop the skills to “succeed”. Yes, it was made possible to a certain extent but within a few months the scenario was different. My child’s emotional well- being was affected. Things were missing in his life, like “All work no play”. The hectic lifestyle, pressure of studies literally fatigued him. This strange response perplexed me. Something hampered his happiness. He missed his alma mater because it was his school that molded him into a responsible youngster and an aspiring individual. It witnessed his metamorphosis from an ignorant toddler into a bold young adult. It was not just a school; it was a family for him. How could I be so foolish to ignore all this?  And as I tried to dwell deep into it, I realized my decision was wrong and brought him back to his own school, APS, and to my surprise I was welcomed back, that too with a smile. It was really a gesture of greatness on the part of Principal and the Management. Since that very day I realized that school is not just a place of academic learning. It's much more; it helps in forming and building the base of child’s future. School is a mind-set, you adopt.

It’s high time for all of us, the parents to understand the school’s indispensable influence in child’s life. Moreover, remember not to measure a child’s brilliance from his scorecard or school brand or his background either. As I conclude I would love to quote Mr. Bill Gates, “If you want your child to get the best education possible, it is actually more important to get him assigned to a great teacher than to a great school.”

 Thank You,

Ms. Monika Sachdeva

(M/o Ayush Sachdeva)


AMPS Parent

Down Memory Lane

 It seems just like yesterday when my son had joined AMPS in Montessori-III. I still remember his play time on the swings and the sand pit at the junior school and my wait there for him to agree to come back home. But how time flies! Now, he has passed out the XII standard from the school. As a parent I had a wonderful journey spanning fourteen years and always felt a deep sense of attachment for the school. I had my fair share of many ups and downs but altogether it has been an unforgettable experience and school has equipped my son with knowledge, social grace and opportunities for further growth.

AMPS has provided an all-round development for my son and I would recommend this school as the right place for honing up academic skills. Many parents consider to change the school of their ward after X grade as they are looking for a brand name or try to get children enrolled in a Delhi school in order to avail Delhi quota for pursuing higher studies. This doesn’t work in favour of the child as the child has formed a close affiliation and bond with his/her teachers as well as peers. The students remain happier and can create a niche for themselves at a school with which they have been associated for a long time.

My son has some special needs and I received immense support and cooperation from the Management, Principal Ma’am, Teachers as well as the Support Staff.  I take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone and express my gratitude as without their support, my son’s education would not have been feasible. My eyes are mist as I write this but I am happy that my son has gained a wealth of memories and associations, which he would cherish for his lifetime.

Thank you AMPS once again!

 Ms. Navleen Singh

(M/o Bhavjot Singh)