Transition Program

This program offers children a natural environment to learn and progress at their own pace. American Montessori Public School believes that the 2-3.5 years age group have a unique set of needs and our program.... We use a holistic approach that develops a child’s natural desire to learn and discover an innate joy for learning. The Montessori approach enhances children’s independence, self-confidence and prepares them for life. The Transition curriculum aims to provide developmentally appropriate Montessori materials and co-curricular activities in an organized, prepared and well resourced environment.

Transition Program Activities

  • These include the use of Montessori materials and methods to learn practical life skills such as etiquette, social graces & courtesy, as well as “care of self” and “care of environment”.
  • “Whole language approach” activities develop vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • Recognition of numerals and understanding “number concepts” by using Montessori materials.
  • Science exploration and Geographic awareness using Montessori materials.
  • Integrated Art activities to explore different media and textures.
  • Cultural enrichment with ongoing celebrations such as Festivals, Holidays, Field Days and similar events.
  • Daily outdoor play that involves free play as well as organized games.

Pre-Primary Program

The Pre-Primary program provides concrete Montessori exercises, which enables children to learn many different concepts at their own pace and level of readiness.  The materials and lessons in our classrooms are arranged from simple to complex and concrete to abstract, so that the child may learn by choice of materials. Each piece of the Montessori apparatus is designed to give children a new experience and to develop a specific concept. Subjects include Exercises in Practical Life (EPL), Language, Math, Geography, Science and Social Studies.

 Pre Primary Program Activities