Khushi Rao, Class XlI C

D/O:Mr. Vivek Yadav (Business man)  

     Ms. Monika Yadav (Homemaker) 

It gives us alot of pleasure to share our experience with AMPS. We have been associated with AMPS since 2008, it has been our only school, She joined it in M1 and her elder brother has also done his schooling from here. The school is like their second home now. She has experienced the guidance of so many teachers here and all the faculty here is so supportive and ecouraging including the management and principals. The excellent guidance of teachers who set a solid foundation for their learning path and developed true love for learning. The quality of education and the amount of care that this school has given me since she was a child cannot be matched. There is quality education here and co cirricular activities and clubs have also been balanced perfectly. From sports to inter school competitions in education fields is always ecouraging. And now she is in class 12th and the Head Girl of the batch 2022-23 and We are very proud to be on this post. Thank you to all the teachers and the management to make my children grow into a good human being.