Organized by Rocksport, 106 AMPSians from Classes VIII-XII (accompanied by 9 faculty members) went on a four-day caving excursion to Nainital from May 10-14th, 2017. The children were very excited about the adventure camp and were spellbound to see the scenic beauty of the place. After reaching the camp site, our studetns were welcomed by the team from Rocksport and were given instructions about the activities scheduled to be followed for the next three days. The Students were allotted their tents/cottages and were then divided into three groups for performing different activities like rappeling, caving, and zipline under the supervision and guidance of their instructors and teachers. They also learnt new games like Criss Cross, Air Hoppie etc.

AMPsians thoroughly enjoyed doing all these activities. Caving was a totally new and thrilling experience for them. They also learnt about different types of knots like figure of eight, safety knot, clove hitch knot etc. At night the students sang and enjoyed the bonfire and danced to the foot tapping beats of the DJ. All these activities helped children in becoming disciplined, developing their leadership qualities, improving their stamina and boosting their self-confidence. On the last day of the trip, the group left for some shopping on the Mall road. We also saw Naini Lake and visited the famous Naini Temple.

The trip was an amazing experience. The children liked it so much that some of them wanted it to be extended for a few more days!! The group left Nainital on 13th of May at 21:15p.m. for Gurgaon and reached the school at 04:15a.m.