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Biology Lab

American Montessori Public School

AMPS has a very well-equipped Biology Lab which includes: microscopes, specimens, models, charts, and other apparatus where students can do research by conducting experiments. It gives students first-hand experience and ample opportunities for hands-on activities.

Chemistry Lab

American Montessori Public School

Through our well-equipped lab, we foster a scientific temperament and spirit of inquiry for our students by letting them test and verify various theories and principles of chemistry using the appropriate instruments. The lab is equipped with electronic weighing machines, Bunsen burners, test tubes, beakers, flasks, etc. It has a concealed gas line and safety devices such as firefighting equipment, a first-aid kit, etc. The acids and other reactive chemicals are stored in separate locked cupboards as a further precautionary measure. The students are provided with separate workstations with individual burners and plug points. The apparatus includes commonplace strikers, pipettes, burettes, Volumetric flasks, mortar and pestle, watch glasses, crucibles, crucible tongs, chemical spoons, stirring rods, filter funnels, and a variety of stoppers.

Mathematics Lab

American Montessori Public School

Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity, and arrangement. Our vibrant Maths lab is a place to enjoy mathematics through structured apparatus as well as informal exploration.

Physics Lab

American Montessori Public School

"Experimentation is an integral part of the core subjects"
Our lab helps students in improving their approach towards the subject by doing hands-on practical activities using sophisticated instruments, further enhancing their scientific inclination.

Computer Lab

American Montessori Public School

The school has state-of-the-art computer labs to cater to students at the junior, middle, and Senior School levels so that every student can keep abreast with IT-enhanced learning programmes. They gain proficiency and dexterity in current technology with optimized supportive infrastructure with the latest hardware and software and a team of competent staff. The school is committed to a progressive and evolving approach to ensure that our students are familiar with up-to-date technology advances in IT-based educational initiatives. There is a wide platform for our children to not only explore IT frontiers as a subject but to ingeniously explore and make forays into IT-supported art mediums in the field of design, photography, and movie making.

Robotics Lab

American Montessori Public School
American Montessori Public School

Our students constantly endeavor to create new inventions in their Robotics. Projects such as simple cranes (with gears), flag hoisting, crane with pulleys, Ball Shooter, Smart pedestal fan Robot, Dream bikes, Object follower robots, Turtle robots, ball soccer robots, construction site lift robots, four wheelers high based gear robot and humanoid servo robot.

Robotics exposure strengthens their STEM skills. Mastering robotics requires Science- Technology-Engineering-Mathematics, and all are increasingly important to understand constantly advancing technologies. Robotics also inculcates skills for leadership, teamwork, finding their passions, and positioning success well beyond their school years. It assists students in critical thinking, technology enrichment, problem-solving, curiosity, and creativity with aid to future career development. Students learn how to make do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and control them using remote controls, for automation (programming coding is preferred) or mobile systems. Working with robots helps our students to give practical applications of physical terms and mathematical solutions. Robotics has revolutionized manufacturing industries with automation, medicines with surgery/physiotherapy, and making our domestic and social life more comfortable and pleasant because of these intelligent robots. Learning Robotics is the keystone of 21st-century innovators.