Affiliated to C.B.S.E (No. 530529)




American Montessori Public School

In the primary years, the curriculum is based on experiential learning where our children are constantly engaged in observation, questioning and delving deeper into concepts using appropriate learning tools of inquiry. Our trained teachers assess each individual child’s progress in multiple ways, helping them on their path to becoming independent learners.

For Classes I and II - which are housed in the Junior Wing campus - we employ a variety of pedagogies combining both the Montessori method and the CBSE curriculum. Our students use a rich variety of hands-on materials in the Montessori lab in order to enrich their foundational concepts in mathematics, language, and geography amongst other areas. As educators, we believe that the nurturing and prepared environment in this campus is ideal for the total development of our young 6 and 7 year-olds. Formal examinations are not conducted and the student’s learning milestones are assessed through a diversity of activities that take place both in and out of the classroom.

Our students in Classes III to V - housed in our Senior Wing campus - are given exposure to a curriculum based on a progressive CBSE pattern where the children are constantly engaged in observations, as well as the questioning and exploring of core concepts using appropriate learning contexts and tools of inquiry.

AMPS emphasizes a holistic education model where each child’s identity is celebrated and valued for its uniqueness, thereby strengthening their self-confidence. The strengthening of our student’s life skills is also a key endeavour and we foster the development of emotional and social skills.

Emphasis is on personalized learning for each student where curriculum, assessment, teaching style and out-of-hours provision are all designed to discover and nurture the unique talents of every single pupil. Periodic tests and examinations are conducted for students of Class III-V based on the CBSE pattern.