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Secondary & Senior Secondary Years

American Montessori Public School


The secondary years curriculum at AMPS builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the middle years. In addition, emotional and social skills along with critical thinking skills - including decision-making and problem-solving are embedded in the curriculum.

We follow a systematic method of evaluation of our students. Project/activity based worksheets and internal assessments are some methods cultivated to assess the student’s progress in the class. The emphasis here is to inculcate an enquiring mind and not merely the acquisition of knowledge. Students explore the world of science through observations, discussions and activities in our well-equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our well-stocked library includes volumes of encyclopedias and reference books that can be used as a learning resource.

Pre-mid, mid-term and post-mid term periodic tests and examinations are conducted in Class IX and X. Internal assessments are carried out throughout the term, and are based on the student’s class activities, periodic written assignments, and notebook work (both classwork and homework). The marking/grading is per CBSE norms.


AMPS offers all three streams at the Senior Secondary level: Commerce, Humanities, and Sciences (medical and non-medical). A systematic method of student evaluation based on projects and assignments within the framework of CBSE guidelines is followed. The infrastructure consists of well-equipped Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Fine Arts and Computer Labs along with a well-stocked library and ICT-enabled smart classes. Electives offered in Class XI and XII include Entrepreneurship Studies, Informatics Practices (IP) and Psychology, along with other standard CBSE elective subjects. Students are given substantial pre-professional exposure through regular seminars and workshops along with career counseling sessions, as well as visits to prominent institutions of higher education. This enables our AMPSians to confidently gain entry into professional colleges and universities, both in India and abroad.

Students are encouraged to participate in a range of extracurricular activities and sports, along with developing all round academic excellence in preparation for entry to professional colleges and universities, both in India and abroad.

Streams Offered

We offer all three streams with the following subject combinations in Class XI:

Streams Medical Non-Medical Commerce Humanities
Main Subjects English English English English
ChemistryChemistryBusiness StudiesPolitical Science
BiologyMathematicsEconomicsInformatics Practices/Economics
...with the choice of any one subject below
-Computer ScienceComputer SciencePsychologyPsychology
PsychologyPsychologyComputer ScienceEntrepreneurship
Fifth SubjectPhysical Education Physical Education PaintingPainting
PaintingPaintingPhysical Education Physical Education
Sixth SubjectPhysical Education/PaintingPhysical Education/PaintingPhysical Education/PaintingPhysical Education/Painting