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Our Testimonials

American Montessori Public School We looked at almost every preschool in our proximity but AMPS was our pick and we are glad we chose the right place for our sons formative years. The strength of the class, appropriate curriculum and content, polite staff and loving environment, child friendly spaces. It ticks all boxes. A big thank you to their entire team

American Montessori Public School My relationship with the AMPS community began in 2012, when we enrolled our daughter in M-IV. Our original admissions process experience was quite friendly and cozy. Since then, the management has provided me with wonderful help. Teachers, staff members, coordinators, the principal (Roopali ma'am this year, who took over from Anita ma'am last year), and management have all been very helpful. A special thank you to the teachers and management that worked really hard to conduct online classes over the course of the two-year pandemic. After the pandemic, our daughter is excited to get back to school. Over the years, I have witnessed a significant change and ongoing efforts by the management, staff, and teachers to achieve more. As a delighted parent, I can state that the school and our family both rejoiced when my daughter achieved the All-India 4th Rank in the 2018 GCS English Olympiad. During the time I have been associated with the school, the infrastructure, academics, and sporting activities have all experienced great growth. It is good to have spaces where people may express their thanks, successes, and concerns. The school's motto, "Where children are important," is highlighted by providing opportunities for pupils to participate in events like Olympiads, inter-school tournaments, and intra-school activities.
Name: I.S Ananya and Family

American Montessori Public School As a parent I am very secure that my child is in right hand, teachers behavior and care towards every child is appreciable. Teachers treat every student like their own child. I wish the school all the best and lots of Prosperity”
Name: Devisha Rana and Family

American Montessori Public School Talking about my experience with my school, it was an amazing experience that will always stay close to my heart and my school will always hold a special place in my life. Whoever I’m in my life at this moment, it's all because of my school, my respected teachers, school staff, friends, and my juniors and seniors. Without them I would have never achieved anything in my life, I came to AMPS as a kid and it gave me all the harsh and sweet experiences and taught me life-learning lessons which helped me to understand my capabilities and when I passed out from here I was a complete adult who could handle himself in all situations with a smile on his face. I personally believe that all those teachers who taught me in school had a really big part in my development without them, without their support especially Deepshika Ma’am, Keya Ma’am, Saroj Ma’am, Sarla Ma’am, and Manita Ma’am without them It would have been a really stressful experience but every-time they made sure that they were around me to help me, support me, scold me and even appreciate my efforts. In the end, I would just say that the life I spent in AMPS was the most beautiful and best experience in my life to date and It was the best decision of my life to enter AMPS.
Name: Yash Yadav

American Montessori Public School It gives us a lot of pleasure to share our experience with AMPS. We have been associated with AMPS since 2008, it has been our only school. She joined it in M1 and her elder brother has also done his schooling here. The school is like their second home now. She has experienced the guidance of so many teachers here and all the faculty here is so supportive and encouraging including the management and principals. The excellent guidance of teachers who set a solid foundation for their learning path and developed a true love for learning. The quality of education and the amount of care that this school has given me since she was a child cannot be matched. Quality education here and co-curricular activities and clubs have also been balanced perfectly. From sports to inter-school competitions in education fields is always encouraging. And now she is in class 12th and the Head Girl of the batch 2022-23 and we are very proud to be on this post. Thank you to all the teachers and the management for making my children grow into a good human beings!
Name: Khushi Rao and Family

American Montessori Public School American Public School has played an indispensable part in my life. This place has not only helped me in gaining knowledge but also in developing my skills and making me a better person who can move forward in her life confidently and achieve her goals. Teachers at APS never back down from their efforts. They have been so friendly and made learning so easy for us. I feel I am one of those blessed students who was given a chance to be a part of the AMPS family. Thank you, my lovely teachers and mentors…I’m grateful to all of you!
Name: Ambika Oberoi Goel

American Montessori Public School This school is a perfect example of personality development and academic excellence. I feel blessed to have the guidance of my school teachers and principal ma’am, Ms. Anita Sharma. She always inspired me to become a good person and have a focused approach to my studies. I never felt the need to join any tuition classes as the teachers here are so approachable. I remember troubling my teachers during board exams through my doubts and questions, sometimes silly too…. but they were always there to help. The teachers are really supportive and helpful. Their support and my parent’s blessing helped me to excel in my Board Examinations (Class X - 96.6% and Class XII - 98.4%) and get admission to NIT. Words can never do justice to the immense contribution that this school has made to my life. I am eternally grateful to “AMPS Family” for supporting me and making me a passionate learner and a hardworking person. I owe my sincere thanks to my parents and teachers.
Name: Ashish Narayan Jha

American Montessori Public School It was surely a learning experience. The confidence and motivation it gave me, I couldn’t get anywhere else. The school has influenced my development as a person inside and outside by making me more independent and sensible. I particularly owe special thanks to my teachers, especially Archana Sundriyal Ma’am for providing me with knowledge and guidance throughout my 11th and 12th class.
Name: Aditi Choudhary

American Montessori Public School I am a commerce student from the batch of 2020-2021. I got admission to AMPS in class 6th. Since then I have learned a lot from each and every person in the school. I have grown so much as a person and I am becoming the kind of person I always wanted to be in this AMPS plays a big role. Every teacher plays a huge role in all the student’s lives and in different ways, in my case my teachers pushed me to do things and participate in different activities and showed a lot of confidence in me, which gradually helped build my self-confidence. Now I believe in myself because when I didn’t believe in myself my teachers and my classmates did. AMPS has a huge library with a wide collection of books that attracted me and enhanced my creativity and imagination power and transformed me into a book lover. Teachers’ provided continuous support and guidance at every stage of school life which helped me to make the right decisions every time. For me, the school was a place where I could learn something new every day, have fun with my friends, and develop my personality
Name: Muskan Yadav